Sunday, 9 March 2008


Todays ride:

Drove up to the car park ,Rivington.I picked up Steve and we met Jeff and Stu.Usual thing ,0900.Weather OK.Ambled up to the pike ,off the back ,good.Meta brake required a good pump . Hmm.

Steve rode the Fisher HIFI Deluxe. Said he enjoyed it. "Very XC", He said.

We didnt do a great lot to be honest. Down the Ice Cream Run. Flying on the commencal. It is good at that kind of thing. Too good? maybe. I rode it fairly hard into that tricky first turn ,jumping off and into that banked turny bit. Just does it . No bother. Off the steppy tarmac slab. Hard .Fairly. No bother. I dunno . Sometimes i like a bit of bother.That said my sciatic's not doing too bad . On the bike at least. Might've been a different story if i'd gone that hard on the Axis *.Maybe the meta's a bike for guys approaching 40 with a raft of life niggles.I'll let you know when I get there . Haha.

Cafe.Toast etc.

Back to the car . Short and sweet.

* Axis. A bicycle from another time. "Handles like a fish",someone once said.
"stiff as a varnished eel"I just said.

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