Tuesday, 4 March 2008


I don't care what's right or wrong
I wont try to understand
Let the devil take tomorrow
Cause tonight I need a friend.
Yesterday is dead and gone
And tomorrows out of sight
And it's sad to be alone
Help me make it through the night *

Just got back from a night ride. Just a dead local one. Round the 3 sisters and over to Viridor wood . Bit o this ,bit o that.

Did n't quite go to plan . It was a lovely night too. Cold ,but clear. Nice.All looking quite promising.

4 of us out.Me ,Gareth , Stu ,and Jeff.We set off at 8.00 into Bryn .It's about 5 mins .That's about as far as we got. The gremlins were out to get us. Jeff punctures. No big deal . We all get punctures. Dont we?

So Jeff fixes the puncture . Bit of banter ,no big deal,and we're away again.

On through the industrial estate ,a lap of the go-kart track,an old school inspired bit of 'off-piste'through the trees. It's all looking good .

Thwup thwup thwup. Jeff again.Ace.
"Did you check the tyre for thorns?"

Ok .That's it .Two in a night is enough. Stick a new tube in .Sorted. Well ,stick one in that i've had rattling around in my backpack forever.

Ok ,we're away. Over to Viridor wood in Bamfurlong.A nice fast bit of open singletrack winds down to Bolton Rd.Scalextastic.Going good now. warming up .'Cause it was cold as.Like I said,cold,clear.Stars. Nice.Leaving the gremlins behind.

A 'lap' of viridor and we head back over to the 3 sisters.

Jeff again.

We must have run right into the gremlinsw again. I bet they couldnt believe their luck.It's not proper flat though.It's one of them." Change it/pump it/change it /pump it ? "

"Pump it"

Time to head for home.

We stop a few times whilst Jeff does his best Chester zoo chimp impersonation and eventually get back over near the 3 sisters.

Gaz's turn. His bloody crank's hanging off.The gremlins have undone it whilst we watched Jeff The sneaky bastards.

So that's it.Well nearly.After that my lights started to act up.On a bit, off a bit.The lamp unit's got a duff connection. Or something.........

* Everyones done this song,but it's actually by kris kristofferson.One of my mums favourites.
Ok then , TIM

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