Monday, 3 March 2008


'It's like a discipline without the discipline of all of the discipline........
It's like a culture without the effort of all the culture.......
It's like a movement without the bother of all of the meaning......' *

We had a little tootle over Rivington last week,me back on the Meta ,Jeff on the Hi Fi,no pics as it was not a camera friendly day,ie wet,but we had a good spin all the same . He's had the Fisher this week to give it a whirl some more.
This is his bit:

Hello there
Right then, been having a bit of this GF Hi-Fi that i borrowed. As you know, had it over Rivi/Belmont with you last week and today had it around Carr Mill, a few ups and downs in the woods, lot's of singletrack overBillinge and up to the woods, down the roots and rocks, a bit of road,around the turpin and home. All in all, a nice piece of kit. So i thoughti would provide some feedback which in turn you may want to pass to Alan.

1) Climbs very well, almost glides along.

2) Once you hit the rocky stuff or cobbles, you need to step up the pedalpower. At that point, the suspension again glides over the rough stuff.You would think you were on solid singletrack trails. If you don't pedal through, the bike feels light and difficult to steer.

3) On the drops over some gnarly roots, it handles very well. Again, pedal through and the suspension acted as though i was on an even surface

.4) At times, you would think the suspension is'nt working, or it did'nthave any. You just forget that its there, but it's actually doing a very effective job.

5) The RP2 has two positions, but I can't see much difference between thetwo. I assumed one was a lockout of sorts and the other allows lots of bounce. They both actually seem very plush and the rear of the bike compresses equally with either setting.

6) Against the Commencal Meta 5.5, it is no match, especially when descending. However, that's doing the GF a bit of injustice, as the suspension just keeps working away unnoticed. But the Meta needs taming and at times i needed to throttle back on it. It's such a powerful bike.

Obviously, the Meta has a very good spec - far better than the GF - and one critisism of the GF is the SRAM X7 shifters. I can't get the chain on the big ring which is a pain when descending on singletrack so i'll have a look at that. The Juicy brakes also feel very soft and spongy.

7) Tyres. Less grip on the Bonty's than i am used to. Does'nt give much confidence in the muddy conditions out there at the moment.Overall, a decent bit of kit, but the shifters need looking at and those tyres....I'll be having it out on a couple of more runs this week on night rides.Will provide further feedback then. Thinking of doing Rivi Thursday night,so if ya up for it bonny lad...

cheers Jeff. I thought it was just me and tyres.That's a fair point about the rear shock. It didnt seem to change much in either position .That said ,it worked well in either position. Hmm.

OK , See if i cant 'nip out for a loaf ' tomorrow night.

No pix ,so instead a vintage Fisher ad.80s tastic.

* 'Movement'. LCD Soundsystem.

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  1. Thanks Jeff that's much appreciated, I'm sure we can sort the shifter/derailleur issue. Reading between the lines then the Fisher climbs well and Commencal descends well, so we are offering two slightly different rides. All good then, just need to some bloody time to get them out myself!