Sunday, 28 October 2012

Got Helmet ?

I was in the shop the other day . I got some winter-y gloves . First impressions are very good . ' PRO' brand . Like a lightweight ' Roubaix' lycra . Very lightweight , with tons of feel .No padding as such , with a snotwiper . Today's ride was very wet ,and a little chilly, but I wouldn't say my hands were cold . I'm sure they'd be OK on all but the very coldest of rides .
I'd take a pic , but they're in the washer .
Today's ride ....

Whilst I was in the shop , a couple came in carrying a Cannondale roadbike . The young lady has been in a collision with a car . Pulled out on her . Fortunately , she wasn't seriously hurt . She said her helmet absorbed the bang .

I'd say the bike took a fair bit , too ....

Top Tube creased.
So , er ,  got helmet ?
Get one , eh ?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Welcome Back Schwinn

When first started selling mountain bikes almost 10 years ago now, the classic American brand Schwinn was one of the first we sold. Now part of the same family as GT, Mongoose and Cannondale we welcome Schwinn back to the fold. The following three model are our first delivery and they each retail for £299.99.

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Bike Stands At Last!

We got shiny bike stands outside our shop at last, thanks Wigan Council.

New 2013 Cannondale have arrived

We are in the process of building them up as will have them on display for the weekend! Here's a picture of the first one built up. A 2013 Cannondale Trail SL2, Medium. 899.99.

2013 Kona Shred 20

Why it makes sense to buy a better kids bike: 
1. Your Kid has a proper bike to ride - so he can go out riding with you.
2. The Better Kids Bike - if looked after - will hold it value well, so much so something like this Kona 20 could end up costing you less than a cheap bike when you come to sell it. A good few years ago my buddy Tim bought a Trek Mountain Lion for his lad (not dissimilar to this), it got plenty of use over a few years then he passed it onto me and my lad who was a couple of years younger used it - then my youngest lad used it. Over that time it was looked after, Tim fitted an older XT rear mech that he had "in stock" and the bike kept going and going. It had rigid forks  and V-brakes which was the norm at the time but it has good components. From memory it cost about £225 in c1995 - after going through 3 hands we put it on eBay and it went for £180 IIRC. That works out at less than £10 a year depreciation for the 5 or so years we had it... less than the cost of a heavy supermarket bike.

In stock now (it comes in a 24" version too).

£379.99 including free UK delivery.

Click here for full spec from

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

2013 Kona Bikes Are Here!

Today we got:
Mahuna 29er
Unit 29er
Paddy Wagon

More to come of course and these will be on our all-new website soon, but in the meanwhile you can see them on the Kona site.