Sunday, 28 October 2012

Got Helmet ?

I was in the shop the other day . I got some winter-y gloves . First impressions are very good . ' PRO' brand . Like a lightweight ' Roubaix' lycra . Very lightweight , with tons of feel .No padding as such , with a snotwiper . Today's ride was very wet ,and a little chilly, but I wouldn't say my hands were cold . I'm sure they'd be OK on all but the very coldest of rides .
I'd take a pic , but they're in the washer .
Today's ride ....

Whilst I was in the shop , a couple came in carrying a Cannondale roadbike . The young lady has been in a collision with a car . Pulled out on her . Fortunately , she wasn't seriously hurt . She said her helmet absorbed the bang .

I'd say the bike took a fair bit , too ....

Top Tube creased.
So , er ,  got helmet ?
Get one , eh ?

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