Sunday, 23 December 2007


Just watched that Evel knievel thing on TV.Good .

To see him that way,now that he's dead and all.Moving.Just another old man.

I'm not the first to mention his effect on our generation.People say he was responsible for BMX happening in the way it did,that magic ingredient that ignited it ,certainly over here.More than that I think he's responsible for it all.Not just BMX . Mountainbiking ,skating,rock climbing,snowboard,even bloody fruit boot,extreme ironing the lot.

Yea yea ,skating goes back to surfing,people have climbed up hills since the dawn of time ,whatever,but the way I see it ,when Evel came, kids learned it was OK to show off ,to push what was possible,against the odds, and not just stay in making airfix battleships and reading the beano.Live life ,have a bloody good go.

Yea people skated before,but can you remember what it was like?I mean ,really? We would lie down on the board and if you had the balls to stand up and you hit even a tiny lollystick you'd be on your arse.What's skating like today? Have you seen what BMX is like today?Do people climb mountains anymore with sherpas and stuff? They dont even use ropes.And they run up them and then jump off the top.

I blame the whole 'extreme ' thing ,the state of mind,and all it's many avenues whatever they might be on Evel Knievel.May he rest in peace.Lest we forget.And all that.

"You spend all goddamm day waiting for a goddamm bus.......And then 13 of the son-bitches turn up at once."

The football's on now. I know a lot of people like football.There's 22 guys having a right laugh ,and everyone else.Theyre watching them.


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