Monday, 3 December 2007


My name is Tim.This is my bit about mountainbiking.
Here you can read about demo mountain bike rides in our local area.

The rides typically take place on sunday mornings ,from around 9.00 through til lunchtime.It's 'real' mountainbiking up on the west-pennines.Without mountains then.

That's the climb up to Rivington Pike*,and that's me, dropping off the back.A typical ride may or may not include a touch of this .The format tends to be laid back . I have been riding mountainbikes for some years up here and I am very fortunate to have a network of great riding buddies,whom I am riding with most weeks.Numbers out on the day vary,but it tends to be a good mix of a half dozen or so.Varied riders.All ages and abilities.The demo idea is really just an extension of what i have already been doing.Obviously we'd prefer to sell bikes,but more than that ,this is about selling the riding ,the lifestyle if you like.There will be no support van or post ride massage,well maybe,it depends who's out,but you can come and try mountainbiking ,as it really is .If you enjoy it and end up buying a bike,that's great,but, rather than getting one and it ending up in the garage next to the kite surfer,you know you have somewhere to ride the thing.

If you already have a bike that is collecting dust ,dust it off and get back on .Dont worry if it's not the latest colour with platinum tipped disc brakes,if it's a proper** mountainbike ,it'll be fine.Just tighten the bits that need tightening,there was this time ,see, when a wheel , like , er ,fell off.....

Dont worry too much about your fitness , or lack of,as I said it tends to be laid back/social .Rides are tailored to suit on a whim and may include bacon.Just bring yourself ,if you have riding kit ,bring that ,a helmet is pretty essential,but trackies and trainers are OK.Check the weather,I ride no matter what.(I just know i'll be reminded of that).Use your noggin.

We'll be putting future rides up here so please check back to see how it's going on.We've already had a few and they've gone good.

If you'd like to know more ring us in the shop, 01942 826598,we can let you know what's going on and what bikes are available to try.

Or email us on
Write DEMO in big letters on the header so it wont slip through the net.

* Rivington Pike is on the west pennine moors in between Wigan and Bolton . Google it .We meet on the road up to the hall barn ,near Horwich.It's about 10 mins off the M61.

**A "proper" bike . This is tricky.generally speaking if it came from a supermarket or out of a high street catalogue it wont be up to much.The age doesnt matter,or whether or not it has suspension etc,but it needs to be working properly.Decent branded MTBs are getting cheaper and cheaper,but if youre not sure give us a call and we'll sort something out.If you used to ride get back out there .you know it makes sense.

Already ride?You can come too.

Thanks, TIM.

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