Saturday, 22 December 2007


"juicy burgers,greasy fries,
turkey legs and raw fish eyes,
teenage girls with ketchup too,
get out of my way or i'll eat you.
I like food ,food tastes good." *

This week in no particular order i have been at various times.......

looking after my 80 yr old dad.
visiting my mum in hospital.
working ,obviously.
Not sleeping enough.
Bringing my mum home from hospital.
Going back to the hospital for the things they forgot to give her.
Getting new shoes for the kids.
Cooking/eating Asda pizza.
Possibly not long enough.
Work again.
Being ill.
Discharging clouds of noxious gases.
Feeling slightly better ,but weak.
Trying to 'bank' sleep.
Making numerous trips to visit the lavatory
Taking lots of 'imodium'.
Carrying on regardless.

I have a busy life too .And i still find time to ride . But not this week.No pictures either.

* 'I like food' by 'Descendents' -Bonus fat

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