Sunday, 17 March 2013


Had a good few rides out in the last couple of weeks . Keeping it mostly local . Even managed to get Alan out on his new 29er the other week .
A couple of weeks ago myself and Tony were out . Kinda usual thing that we've been doing . Ince Moss over to Amberswood , etc .
After some less than usual meandering though , we ended up at The Wuchie . A local relic of the mining industry . Basically a huge spine of slagheap , covered in vegetation .
The local council in their wisdom had fenced off the bulk of it a long time ago , following the unfortunate death of an MXer , I believe .
Whilst since then  I'd ridden alongside it many times , I'd not ridden the top ridge spine for , I dunno , knocking on 20 yrs .
They'd made it so inaccessible with all manner of steelworks it wasn't worth the effort. I guess it's still not technically ' legal ' , so we set our buff's to ' balaclava ' and made the effort .
Superb .
Proper nostalgia trip for me too . Bit of pushing here and there up to the top , but once up there we had a great time , even ''sessioning'' the roller coaster run at the end a few times .

So this week , we did basically the same loop , but also deviated over to Borsdane Woods . The whole thing added up to a 30 miler. A whole lot wetter this week though . Very slippy in places .

Well , that's my excuse .....




Great ride . Thinking of getting back up Rivi next weekend , let The Wuchie dry out a bit .



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