Sunday, 3 March 2013

1897 Revisted

Out on the Cooker Hi 29er for the first time today, only been about 3 months since I've had it. A real old school ride over the Moss of Ince; last time I did this was 1987; might as well have been 1897 as I had no idea where i was.  

First impressions starting from my house: it's fast with the big wheels as fast as my fixie I'd say. Shifting - despite an X0 rear mech upgrade - I'm sorry to report Mr S. Ram was not to Shimano standards, but to be fair it's new and does need some adjustment. Forks felt good, front end was easier to pick up than I thought it would be. Saddle (Charge Spoon, suede variety) was T.I.S*. I have to say I felt no Big Ring Deficiency as voiced by the regular scribe to these pages, just felt normal, in fact I hardly used the Granny gear at all, less than I normally would, effectively using the transmission as a 1x10 system. Brakes, compared to my 1990 Nishiki Alien with XT cantis, were unsurprisingly great, although a disturbing whine from the front disc made me think I was being hunted down by a road sweeper for about half a mile form the Boar's Head to Woodfield school until I realised what it was. Had no "getting going" issues normally associated with the species. M530 SPD's were great**, would not have been my first choice but they have enough cage to unclip one foot if you're making a rare sketchy descent (yes I bottled a few today). Could do with a remote seatpost. You could feel a sort for side-to-side-gyroscopic effect when standing up to pedal, front end seemed to push/wander/wallow more than a 26er, could be the tyres, but worth putting up with because they look so good. 

Overall, I like it and will persevere, I'll have Tom look at the gears & front brake and get a RockShox post for it. Fixed the slipping seatpost with a Hope QR (30.0mm BTW).


*  Tim's Industry Standard.

** All cleaned and lubed then scratched the bumper on the car with the pedal when putting it away, in exactly the same place I did years ago before it was painted.

You have to admit, it's a great looking bike.

Alivio where art though?

This doesn't slip.

This has green paint on it now.

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  1. Yea good ride.
    The granny gear is there as an alternative to walking , BTW.
    So , you noticed the front end flopping?
    I'd maybe flip that stem over .