Thursday, 24 December 2009


"So then I took my turn,
Oh what a thing to have done,
And it was all Yellow." *
Went out today . Just a quickish local kinda thing in the snow . Riding in snow is ace . It is surprising just how much grip you can find as your tyres crunch through.

However , ahem . On Sunday just gone , a few of us went up Rivington for the usual Sunday thing . It was myself and Jeff , Tony , and Gareth. Overnight it had snowed then rained , and then frozen . It was like a skating rink , pretty much everywhere . I'd decided to bring along my super vintage , 1987 MuddyFox Courier , and ,as is required under old school biker law , I dressed vintage too. Right down to the vintage yellow tint Bolle ski glasses which gave a pin sharp view , despite being up in the loft for about 20 yrs. Oh , and hiking boots , flat pedals and toe-clips knock spots off SPDs any day of the week.

Modern Camelbak backpacks tend to freeze up in the drinking tube , so I brought along a bottle of Schmirnoff instead. And I dont drink . In for a penny ....
Have look at Greth's pictures , here ....

No big write up , because I'm off out , but suffice to say we all decked it . The trails that I thought would have at least a little grip , had none , but apart from that the weather was superb. It was'nt too cold at all , and we had a bit of snow , but not so much that it was a bad thing . All in all , possibly the best ride of the year . Certainly one of the maddest rides I've ever done .
Merry Christmas everyone . Tim
* Cold-play . Yellow

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