Sunday, 6 September 2009


"Oh, the rain falls hard on a humdrum town
This town has dragged you down,
Oh, no, and everybody's got to live their life
And God knows I've got to live mine. " *


I would have really liked to have come along on this one ,but life just got in the way . Bit too much on .
As you can see the lads had a great time ,and the bikes were tested ,er ,completely .
I'll let the lads send me some words to include here .
It was great Tim. Really good day out, despite the lack-of-endurance-fitness-pain and the weather. Kirroughtree is just such a pleasure to ride.
I agree with your thoughts, though at Kirroughtree I found even the Ralf's pretty damn good. It was only on smooth wet rock that they struggled, but on the Kirroughtree hardpack they were great. Rolled real nice. I was amazed at how direct and stiff it was and how efficient it was. Every rism of energy you put into the pedal comes out the back tyre. Incredible. I spent the first half of the ride in middle ring and only found granny to be a life saver when I started cramping on the last quarter of the ride because it is just so easy to pedal. I'd have died on the Hustler at that stage. ( Doesnt 'rism ' relate to hydrophobicity ? Hmm )
The carbon frame is just a dream. Stupid light, yet doesn't get knocked off line too bad, crazy stiff, flickable and, unbelievably, really comfortable. It's almost a soft-tail level of comfort. I thought I was gonna get a right asspounding (and not just from Ste), but I commented about how I hadn't even missed my suspension seatpost.
The XT/XTR kit is also insanely good. The 9speed system shifts instantly and always accurately, even under heavy load and covered in grime and gunk. (Are you a groupset fundamentalist?)
We reckon we were a lot faster than we all would've been on our regular bikes and all of us were talking about stripping our current FS bikes back to more all mountain / XC weights. Everything's all got too heavy and DH-oriented.
The only criticisms I'd have to say about the Scale are that the grips are too narrow, as are the bars (just by an inch or two) and I found the forks very divey, but think they needed a stronger spring in them for my weight. ( Arent they air sprung ? )
( Yes ,they are . )
It was also very interesting to see just how much the bikes positioned themselves in rider order. I reckon me, Stu and Steve are currently pretty level in terms of (lack of) fitness, but almost without fail I led on the climbs, followed by Stu, followed by Steve and the order reversed on the descents.
I'll leave Steve to review the Genius if you don't mind. He's had far more experience of it and he rode the right sized frame, so is in a better position to give it a fairer trial.
Forgot to comment on the brakes, which are also fantastic. LOADS of modulation and control, yet all the braking power you'd need for trails / XC riding.
Also think the post markings are a great idea and should be standard on all seatposts.
Reckon that covers just about everything.
Thanks to Rick for the pics also,excellent as per . Additional ones can be seen on his picasa page ,HERE .
*More Smiths . "William ,william it was ,really nothing.... "
If there's something you'd like to try ,ask me I won't say no .
How could I ?

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