Thursday, 10 September 2009

5 , 4 , 3, 2, ONE


" I was looking for a job and then I found a job...." *

Just got back from an evenings jolly at the Manchester Velodrome . It was the launch for the 2010 Scott models . I spent most of the early part of the evening banging on about how good the demo bikes have been . Preaching to the converted , one might say. They have certainly won me over . I never had a special fondness for Scott . I'd never thought bad of them either . Just kinda indifferent to them . Way back in the day the old purple Scott boulder's were never ever going to win over the 'cooler ' brands from the states that i'd grown up lusting after .
OK ,that said , I knew they werent ever bad bikes either and in more recent years they've gone down the techno route , knocking out bikes that borrow more from NASA ,and opting for carbon fibre rather than a good old oxy-acetelene torch and some Tange prestige . Progress ,certainly . Nothing wrong with that . The bikes still had'nt quite jumped out to me though . I remember seeing a German couple touring around the Peak District just a few years ago . We'd all stopped at a gate near Ladybower Res' . We're circumnavigating one way ,they the other . It was the first time I'd really seen a Genius up close , and whilst obviously a very serious ,and interesting piece of kit , they were just a bit too ,er , Euro . Geeky . My opinion , but ,there you go .

So time moves ever on. Fast forward a few years . We're demoing bikes . It's going well . Low key . Under the radar . "Subliminal ", I said tonight . We've had some good bikes these last few years . The Commencals are good . They rode well ,and are arguably ' cool ' at the minute . I liked the Gary Fisher . Well I would . Arguably not as cool , but 'understated , and ' mature' . Like moi. How euro's that ? Moi . A hardtail , entry level GT was ,crap fork notwithstanding , a joy. In a" je ne sais quoi" ,type of way.

Then we got the cannondales. 09 .I'd always wanted a Dale ,so I guess had to like them . Nothing wrong with them ,very good in fact . ' Cool ' ? I think so ,but I wanted one with 'power cam ' brakes and a 24" rear wheel in the ' 80s ,so I'm not entirely unbiased. It's scotts night tonight ,so I wont wax lyrical about the Cannondales . But I could .

So then we get the Scotts . I still have a few Cannondales and can directly compare . I realise it's hard enough reading the actual words of this blog ,but if you can read between the lines of the previous posts the only criticism of the Scotts is'nt really a criticism at all . The price . The models we've been fortunate enough to test have been up at the top end . Mid £3k - £4k territory . Serious dosh . I think if money were no object ,and Stu said this earlier , you'd have " one of each " in the shed . That's a Scale , a Spark ,and a Genius. No question . Money however ,being the finite thing it is , for most of us it can't , if you excuse the pun , be discounted.


It is what it is . They are what they is . The Scotts are a highly technical ,unique thing. They have their own special shocks , and that gimmick that is'nt on the handlebars . Unbelievable light weights , good componentry . Good . All good . Anything wrong ? You'd be splitting hairs.

So . Tonight . Manchester Velodrome . Launch .
First impressions . Mega 'r kid. Graphically they look the best they ever have . I'm sure Scott havent just rebadged last years bikes ,but to my eye the 3 mountainbikes look largely unchanged. I'm sure it's subtle stuff , a nip and a tuck . It aint exactly broke . The handlebar gimmick has now been refined to be even cleverer, locking front and rear shocks . I'm looking forward to 2011s cerebral implant line.
The essential pick up test was good . Very light , as expected . The Addict roadbike . Dont ask . Bonkers.
It's hard to be anything but positive about them . As I said above , I have been won over . And I've still to ride the Genius.

Better than the Cannondales ? My lime green baby ? Hmm . Right now I think so . Price caveat firmly inserted.

Big thanks to all the team at Scott . All obviously show a great passion for what they do . A great night , great venue . Cold pizza .

That's it ! I'm sticking with the 'dales . I'm sure we got warm pizza . I'll check . And , hang on , now I think about it ,they didnt push us to the point of exhaustion ,on bikes with no brakes , NO brakes I say , and then at the nadir of exhaustion / hunger ask, " How many bikes ve can put you down for ? "
Alan , You're gonna need a bigger shop , I just couldnt help it .....

They'll have me listening to 'daft punk ' next .

Ok , I need to be up before I go to bed . * heaven knows I'm miserable now .

TIM. Geek

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