Tuesday, 19 May 2009


This is Dan's '84 BSA. It came from out of a skip .

Then we fixed it.

Re-cycling ,as it where.....

Shame we didnt take an absolutely definitive 'before pic ' ,but ,hey . It was something like the top pic ,but with a few bits of scaffolding bolted on by the way of derailleurs and brakes and stuff.
The wheels were stock 27" lead rimmed affairs. Crappy componentry notwithstanding ,it was still a pukka bit of retro chic. No ,not retro ,actual old school authentic genuine memorabilia from a bygone age . It was all there ,too,and in OK condition . It really did come out of a skip . Dan's mate works at a recycling yard .
Following some frenzied unbolting of crapola and a spruce up,it was definitely a candidate for 'fixing'.

Work included ,but not limited to ,
Custom handbuilt 700c wheelset with gold large flanged hubs and gold nips,rear flipflop hub,michelin tyres.
New track chainset and BB with gold BMX chainring ,a 44t.
Track pedals with half clips.
Full halflink 1/8th chain in gold. Pimp
Tange beartrap headset.
Yellow bartape over the OE bars.Bit of a dropped keirin look going on.
Dirty harry lever,new front road caliper.
New seatpost . Oddball sized 25.4 is actually std BMX size !
New SE Racing seat.Black with yellow detailing.

All in all ,as you can see from the pics ,it's a fantastic build. The frame hasnt been touched apart from cleaning and with the original gold metallic paint being set off with the yellow, it looks ace.Even though it's about as bog standard a racer as you'd have got in the 70s/80s ,with all the unneccessaries unbolted it's quite a light thing now.
Dan's only brief for the build was that the bike be 'fixed' ,so the colour scheme was left up to Alan to decide on.He said he'd 'surprise us. It's taken about 2 weeks in total from dropping off the frame but has been worth the wait.
Nice one.

I know what you're thinking. There was an old racer in the shed.It was all there the last time I looked .Only needs a few bits and bobs......
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