Sunday, 5 April 2009


"I've had my face dragged in,
Fifteen miles of shit,
And I do not, And I do not,
And I do not like it
So how can anybody say, They know how I feel,
When they are they, And only I am I" *

A new chapter . Focus on the positive. Acceptance is the key to happiness.And all that.
Time for something new.
15 miles of shit . Well , 17 to be precise . Super good spin with a bit of good old fashioned map reading, leading to a good old fashioned 'yomp ' across the moors.
Something different ,y'know.
* Morrissey.- The voices of the real, And the imagined cry, The future is passing you by, The future is passing you by.... "You Are The Quarry" album .

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