Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Enduro 6 report

Night time - looking towards the timing tent.

The pits

Start straight - timing tent in the back ground

first leg of the course - camping in the background.


Paul Church about 15 mins into his first lap. All the riders in this area were then told to return to the pits as where I took this pic was out of bounds.

Well were all booked to do this but a combination of Tim being ill with the same thing I had for the previous month and my youngest having a football trial. Tony Holland and his mate Paul Church did make it though and here's their report. Thanks Tony!

We arrived on Saturday afternoon - set up camp - did a practice ride.
The organisers waited until 8:30 pm before kicking off the night time trial Paul and I where entries 378 and 377 respectively so we set off in order - 30 second gap.
I don't know how but even on a marked out course with white tape marking the way I managed to take a wrong turn in the dark - lost 40 seconds - Paul passed me...:-(
The night ride was a good laugh, Paul an I did a two hour one as part of a Polaris about 18 months ago in the Yorkshire Dales, always a good experience.
Saturday night camp - some good food from the on site catering followed by some more good food, cooked by our own hands....and a Jet boil.
Sunday morning came - blue skies and sunshine, breakfast and get set up in the pits, we had everything including the kitchen sink - no kidding.
I drew the short straw giving me the pleasure of the half mile run, back into the pits and then out for two laps.
We had set a goal of nine laps.
Paul did two, me two more, then Paul another two - It was then out on my last lap and try and complete just before 4pm - Paul would then go out to get our number ten, it wasn't to be - I got back a minute or so after 4pm.
Paul then informed me that he was relieved to say the least.
Looking at the results - we finished 131 from 179 - not as good as we would have liked, however still v. pleased. (The tenth lap would have seen us well up the table)
We had about a 38 minute lap average - first lap was slow due to queues on the first single track, granny ring, climb.
The fastest lap of the day was sub 25 - (some professional dude - unreal).

It was sunny all day, perfect conditions, good circuit and good food.

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