Sunday, 1 March 2009


Me and Mark made the pilgrimage down to Milton Keynes for Madison's annual tradeshow, here's a few pics I took.

Our team shirt and trophy proudly on display in the Shimano tent.

2009 Thor gear.

Bell Drop helmet, our BMX team will be using these this year, as the none-colour-blind amongst you will have noted, it matches our Thor gear.

Giro now make gloves. When I first saw these on the web I thought they looked good and even tried to order a pair for myself but they weren't in stock yet. So I had to check them out when they had them on display. Anyway, although there are a few models these two, the Xen and Remedy stood out. The Remedy (black/whitee) uses D30 padding while the Xen (orange/white) is a little more lightweight and I am not kidding you, this is the most comfortable gloves I have ever worn and I've been wearing MX gloves since 1976 (like these). These are expected later this month (March), check them out.

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