Saturday, 14 March 2009


Today we are going on a very long bike ride. Thats me, Amy, my brother Luke and my dad ,Tim. Adam did not want to come because he was feeling ill.

We got our bikes out of the shed, we made sure we all had our things ready. We put warm clothes on, because it was a bit chilly. We can't forget our helmets

we set off down our streets. The wind was blowing us forward, Luke was speeding past the houses. Just then, I asked Dad where we were going. He said "To the 3 sisters."

We turned off the main road, it was muddy because some people were building on the path. Next we crossed the road, past the shops, then went down a hill. At the bottom of the hill there was a long straight, i was cruising down the straight, i was going really fast. Then we went through some muddy puddles. After that we got into the woods. It was actually quite muddy in the woods as well. We thought it was muddy all the way through the ride up to now.

We rode our bicycles around the lake and then stopped to look at the swans and the ducks. There were lots and lots of them. We pushed our bikes up a muddy hill to get to the play park. Luke and I played on the swings and the seesaw. Dad took some pictures.
We went down the other side of the hill that was very muddy and very slippy . I was sliding on my wheels down the hill.It was a bit scary.
Next we went through some more woods on a new path to the racing cars track. It wasnt very windy in here ,so we sat down and had a drink and some chocolate.There were lots of cars racing around the track. It was noisy. A silver car was going very fast and skidding on the corners.
After we had a rest we set off back around the 3 sisters ,up a hill ,around ,and then down another hill. My coat got very muddy from riding in the puddles.
We came out of the 3 sisters on to a farm track. It was very windy and very hard work as it was now blowing us backwards.Dad gave me a push up the hill and over the bridge . We saw a train on the train tracks.
I was a bit tired when we got to the road . Dad helped me get up soughers lane. It is a very big hill and it was still very windy. We got off our bikes and pushed a bit as well.
When we got home we were all muddy and our bikes were dirty.
I was feeling cold so dad made me a nice cup of hot chocolate and we watched Miley Cyrus on the television.
It was good.We had a good day out.

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