Thursday, 19 February 2009

Spot the Difference

Took the kissing cousins (Rize n Rush) out for an excursion to Whinlatter Altura Trail today. Just me and Toby; the other 1/2 of the team stayed back for Pool and Table Tennis. Was going to go to Grizedale but as Whin was nearer to where we were staying thought we'd give that a bash. Some low cloud that cleared later. Plumped for the Red Loop which was a bad idea 1/ I was still on the the Cross Country 1.5's from last week and 2/ Toby was still ill. We did part of the route, v.technical singletrack, rooty/rocky/climby, then did the blue route. Nontheless another great facility worth a trip for sure, just slap on some Verticals or Mountain Kings and you'll be sorted. Bikes were spot on as we now know, Lefty™ prompted lots of questions as usual.

Whinlatter Altura Trail

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  1. At this rate I'll be out of a job.
    Memory alert .
    Fig rolls.
    Church corner shop .
    Back of Haigh hall.
    With Nigel + gaz.