Monday, 16 February 2009

Alan's HtN report

Do, do, do do, do dooo, do doo.
Oh yes I love the north.
Especially those fantastic arcades.
Have you seem them, you put some money in a slot and you can win a million quid or more!
Do, do, do do, do dooo, do doo.
Hit the North.
And hit Little Frank.

What a cracker. Despite coming from a racing background we never really pursued the MTB race thing, opting to go down the Sunday Social route instead (well, Tim anyway), so I'm not really sure what prompted us to do this one, maybe it just looked more fun, less serious and it was local.

Anyhoo, 1st lap I thought we should get up front and put in a good lap. Oops. It was HARD, legs felt OK but probably the cold didnt help just couldn't breathe, felt like stopping 1/2 way round first lap. Second lap much better almost enjoyed it. Challanging in every way, physically and technical too, not a causal or beginner course. I just wanted to survive... couldn't care less who came past, had a my chain problem after overshifting on lap 3 and lost 10 minutes (thanks to the rider with chain tool who helped), happy with my lap times at around 30 minutes. Stopped to try to clean off the mud completely forgetting I had a spare bike stood right there d'oh... I blame the cold! Bike (Rush Carbon Lefty) was awesome, can't imagine how a Scalpel would be any better for the job.

Video done, up soon, check back.

Thanks to Cannondale for the bikes.

Enduro 6 anyone?

* Frank Sidebottom.

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  1. Ok ,not bad for a first attempt ,but I'd pencilled in the version by The Fall.