Saturday, 3 January 2009


"A world in white gets underway,
I want to be with you be with you night and day" *
Jeff borrowed the Cannondale Rize and took it for a spin up Rivington ,and beyond , on the 1st of Jan'.This is his bit:
Hi Tim
You missed a good'un today.
Weather was perfect - dry and sunny but very cold. Ground was mega-dry and firm, but many large patches of lethal ice.Great ingredients for a great ride!
So, it was the turn of the Cannondale Rize today. Maybe it's because I'm comfortable and used to 5" (ooo-err!), but I thought this beats the Rush hands down. It climbs well, drops equally as well whilst providing a very comfortable ride. That's not to say the Rush does'nt do this, but I think the Rize does it a little better. In the case of the Rush, the rear shock needs some fettling to prevent the bottom bracket and pedals trailing on the ground.The Fox forks on both bikes do everything you expect of a Fox fork,( Jeff ,the rush has a lefty . Ed. ) as does the rear shock. The Rush has a 3rd setting on the shock and I'm not convinced that it really needs this. The Rize on the other hand has "bouncy" and lockout, I think that's perfectly adequate and suits this particular bike.Got to admire the way the Rize climbs.
Up to the Pike, then up to the mast. I thought the Commencal Meta 5.5.1 climbed well, as does my own"Stumpy", but the Rize just seems to 'cruise' up the climbs. Found the monument to the 37 killed in that plane crash in 1958. Touching.
Back to the bike, it handled exceptionally well on the testing downhill to the SanMerino at Belmont, interrupted only by a bunch of riders pushing up who were'nt keen to give way. Never mind...
Across Darwen Moor via Witton Weavers Way, always on the ascent over there, then down through the woods opposite the cafe at Tockholes. The Rize confidently handled the blast down through the woods, through Abbeyvillage and eventually up towards great hill. The very top of the downhill towards White Coppice was challenging in terms of the first 200 yards being an ice sheet! But again, once the good stuff arrived on the drop to White Coppice, the bike inspired a lot of confidence. Good, assured handling and I was down safely. A combination of someone fettling with the rocks at that bridge and rider error ended up with the bike nosediving and throwing me over the bars face-first into the rocks. Bumps and bruises, cuts and scratches, a bit of gore, but nothing too dramatic. Witnessed by a bunch of red socks, who offered help, but was'nt required. Mind you, I did supply antiseptic wipes to a girl who had fallen and cut her hand. Went down well with the parents and the redsocks- makes the biking community look good also. And the bike is intact,that's the important thing! Which is more than I can say for my face and hand. Still' I'll be reet forSunday, as I'm repeating the ride. The remainder of the ride was unspectacular, but again on the firm terrain, the bike coped very well.
It shifts a bit too. Speed that is.
Back to the car, avoided the cafe as I was running late. Started at 9am and finished at 2pm. Thoroughly enjoyable ride on a very impressive bike.Some pics attached, use them as you will.
See ya soon,
OK , Nice one Jeff. I've got to agree ,it's a good bit of kit.
I'll be taking out the Rush tomorrow. I'll keep you posted....
* New Years Day . U2

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