Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Cannondale Prophet Scores Perfect 10

It may be a new year, but the Prophet is a tried and tested formula that (luckily for us) just keeps on winning! Having already scooped a hat-trick of test wins in 2008 it seems that wasn't enough as the Prophet add's yet another 10/10 to its name. Here's what MBR magazine had to say...

"The Prophet felt perfect from the off and ready for riding the way these trail bikes need to be ridden. The pivot position is close to ideal, and the bike seems to keep you in the right position wherever you are in the travel. With its neutral riding position it also feels the fastest and most agile. This lightweight persona makes it pure fun to blast on"

"Overall, the geometry and suspension performance are inspiring and urgent and it's easy to put the Cannondale exactly where you want. We rate the Prophet as one of the most fun riding trail bikes available at any price. Cannondale has got everything important dead right. The Prophet is simply a blast to ride fast and is responsive and well balanced out on the trail".

In conclusion: "The Prophet feels superb wherever you take it" - MBR Magazine

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