Sunday, 3 August 2008


"It's a nice day for a -white wedding "*

Another gentle spin.I can see a pattern developing. Chest has been OK all week long .Change in the weather ,see.

Woke up on saturday with the occasionally recurring bad back.I dont like to mention it .

A gentle spin often does it good.Sat here I'm not so sure.Ah well.rock hard 20 yr old bike . Hmmm

Jeff came to ours a bit later than usual.He's been burning the midnight oil in his new job as an exotic dancer so needed a bit of a lie-in.

Basically ,we meandered with the canal up to Haigh Hall ,had a bit of toast etc,and meandered back,putting the world to rights as we went/came.

Good ,all good.

* Billy Idol. Good luck Gaz .

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