Sunday, 10 August 2008


"if i had a cape that made me disappear ,I'd fly around the world for days,just so I could hear
the rich count their dimes ,
whilst the Africans cry
and record it on a tape and stream it high across the sky " *

Funny day today ,meteorologically speaking.Set out to Jeff's house at 9, facing a stiff breeze.Stiffer than that .Er....a gale.No, less than that.Anyway.A bit windy.Head on.
We set off to Haigh Hall towards the canal with dark clouds filling one half of the sky.Broody.
An initial sprinkle saw us put on our pakamaks.And take them off 10 mins later.It was still quite warm.Muggy really. I was struggling to breathe again.Just a tad.That was all we saw of the rain ,directly,but as we hit the grounds of Haigh it was all over the place ,mixed with dirt, 20 yr old tyres squirming on the 20 yr old bike.Tasty.Like a fish.
Fairly simple up/down /toast /home affair.Nothing to report,except maybe the guy 'trail repairing' at the bottom end near Leyland Mill Ln. Like a beaver.
Another old school ride then.Just spinning.No chain ,and all that.Dodged the big rain in a classic style.Bounced down all around us.Result.

Good good.
* Get Cape .Wear Cape .Fly.
No reason ,just listening to it as i'm banging away and the lyric caught my ear.

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