Saturday, 27 October 2007

Orbea Enol: First ride

Well, time has come for my Scott CR1 Pro to go, it's being coverted back to it's original Centaur spec and will be for sale shortly (watch this space!). Anyway to fill the gap I've got an Orbea Enol. Alex just put this together for me yesterday and I rode it for the first time today. To be honest I was bit apprehensive coming down for a £3k bike to one at £479, 10spd vs 8spd and all that, but it was OK. I figured the diference between speeds was going to feel harder work, but the delay with shifting took more getting used to, although the indexing was excellent, very positive, especialy when you consider we are taking Campag Carbon Record vs Shimano 2200 rear derailleur here! Size wise the Orbea is a 54 and my Scott was a 52 so I feel a bit more sat "in" rather than "on". I'm running Shimano Ultegra pedals and Shimano R131 shoes which work perfect, didn't take long to get used to the single-sided pedals (my previous pedals were Crank Bros Quattro pedals). Not much else to report for now, except I got a puncture first time out!

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