Saturday, 4 December 2010


"I believe in today (believe boy, believe boy)
'Cause it's better this way when you work through the night
I know what it means to work hard on machines,It's a labour of love,
so please don't ask me why

You take me up
So high" *

Went riding today . With Tony . We're not identical twins , but he fits my bike just nice .
here , he's pretending to ride across a snow covered bridgey thing . We set it up for the camera .
i've been working so goddam hard just lately . Flat out . It's all outside , too , so no respite from the weather . I suppose we all ' big up ' our working lives , but honestly , this job is the toughest i can remember in the 25 or so yrs i've been doing this . I do insulation . It's very varied , but whilst i am often outside , and dont mind that , there is usually a fall back job indoors for when it gets particularly rough . Not here .
I'd thought I'd be mad at it 'til Xmas , but I've been gifted a ' rest day ' .I've done about 3 weeks straight , 7 days , + evenings , So , whilst i probably shouldve had a lie-in , instead I went for a bike ride .
And very cathartic it was . You know , mentally . Not in any bowel moving kind of way , although i did have a few Powerbars , so we'll see .
OK . Met Tony at 0830 , so a little lie in . I was full -retro on Harry Leary's Axis . Just the ticket that . Go out on an unreplaceable vintage time machine steel bike the day after the council have salted the roads . Hmm .Intended to get as far as the TV mast up Rivi , until about an hour in my wife phoned to say we had a burst pipe . It was outside in the garden , so I wasnt rushing home , but it kinda knocked me off track a bit .
so , we stuck with a Haigh Hall vintage woods blast . Crunchy .
Toast . Soggy .
Coffee . Bitter .
Wit . Ascerbic
* Thompson Twins . You take me up .
NB . That's not me in that basket . But the day after it was .
We call it work .....
You'd pay good money for that at Alton Towers .....

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