Sunday, 10 October 2010


"I've never been wrong.

I used to work in the record store.
I had everything before anyone.
I was there in the Paradise Garage DJ booth with Larry Levan.
I was there in Jamaica during the great sound clashes.
I woke up naked on the beach in Ibiza in 1988.

But I'm losing my edge to better-looking people with better ideas and more talent.
And they're actually really, really nice."

OK , here . I'm back on board .I've been decorating the west wing .
No pix today , but Stu took his nifty little helmet cam thing .
it sits on top of a 3 foot spring on his helmet , but it's OK .
I was ' evaluating ' some retro modern A'ME grips . I had one ( LH ) 1.1 super thin grip , and one ( RH ) 1.2 medium thick grip . Very good , very grippy , very nostalgic . Conclusion , 1.2 ( med ) is the way to go . 9 out of 10 . I'm being picky , but they only ' lock -on ' on the inside edge , and are closed at the other . Fine for every other person on the planet , but I'm the only weirdo who still uses bar ends , that I had to forego for this test , as i did'nt want to carve up the grip .

Meself , Dave , Stu . Usual Rivington sunday thing . Pike . Gale force insanity , juxtaposed with surreal calmness of Walker Fold .
Yea . just like that .

Here , Stu's bouncy video . it's hard to tell but I very very nearly decked it at the top of the Ice Cream Run .

I dunno . The ' Embed ' thingy's not working . It'll be me . I'm losing my edge .........

Oh , there we are .


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