Sunday, 5 July 2009


"I saw two shooting stars last night ,
I wished on them ,
but they were only satellites ....."

Completely and utterly selfless acts were the order of the day.

And toast and marmalade...and cake....and filter coffee......

No great big Dostoevsky-esque write ups needed today . Blimey ,that's a mouthful . Almost as big as that Victoria Sponge.
I only pretended to enjoy it. The apparently green ,eco friendly ,beardy weirdy ,biodegradeable 'Lavender Farm',(or something,how twee !!) cafe ,was clearly a well organised 'front' for an American consortium of fast food outlets bankrolled by the NWO. The fact that the food was neither fast ,nor unappealing was testament to the lengths these operations will go.

Next week we're doing the Manchester/Blackpool charity bike ride ,in aid of our local hospice.Some of us ,me inc' ,are doing it 'fixed wheel ',some singlespeed ,some unfortunately ,as well as doing it for lesser deserving charities ,will be using very ordinary ,mediocre ,geared bikes.

The uni-geared lot ,me still inc', need a little shakedown before the big day ,so ,here we are on our warm-up ride. A relatively gentle ,flattish spin out to Dunham Massey near Altrincham,south M/cr way. I've been to this neck of the woods a number of times ,and even commuted through here ,but never on a bike with less gears than I have ears ,and certainly with the facility to coast every so often . It's definitely the longest distance I've done fixed.

OK ,all in all ,good ride ,good company ,good weather,good caff. Notable mention goes to Toby Woods ,who ,on what was only his second proper roadie ride ,smashed his personal best distance record by some 40+ miles. On only a 40 odd mile ride. The most he'd previously ever done was about 2 miles. Well done . I didnt actually see it ,but as I write ,I am assuming he made it home.

Rick came on his commute/hack that really needed a wash.

Tony Holland came on a full suss mountainbike ,but cheated , making it easy ,by 'locking out' the bouncy bits.

Andy came on a Kona mass produced singlepeed that he bought in ASDA.

Alan ,who is a capitalist,came on a bike with purple tyres. He pretended it was fixed wheel.

So ,I win ,beacause I came on a bike made out of recycled yoghurt pots (organic),and old off cuts of string . And postage stamps . And it was from a Blue Peter bring and buy sale. And is brown ,which you all know ,is the colour of socialism.

"......It's wrong to wish on space hardware ,
I wish ,I wish ,I wish you'd care ".*

* Billy Bragg. New England.

My mum was a nurse at the hospice.

Do the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride . Share the care.

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