Sunday, 19 October 2008


"Storm or sun - you're the only one
and this is how I feel.
Rain or shine - you'll always be
one in a million" *

Top ride today. I'll write it up later.

Usual loop . Pike/ Mast/ slabs /Dog Kennels / Ice Cream Run/Cafe
OK. Edited highlights.
Guilty parties. Me + Jeff,Dave Thomas,Andy ,and new guy , Michael.
Weather.Damp to start.Low cloud . Not much to see ,but dried up /cleared up later.Ok,once you are out.
Rivington Pike shrouded in cloud.Downhill off the back ,bit tasty.Ruts slippy.
Climbed up Wilders Moor.More slippy stuff.Had a go at Humpreys ditch.More eroded/slippy ,bordering on i -m- p- o- s- s- i- b- l- e. How's that for a challenge?
Up the Mast Rd.No sign of the mast though.It's all the construction work up there.Those crazy builders are filling the foundations with expanding foam. This is leeching into the now abandoned mines thereabouts. It is expanding as only it can and actually lifting the hill up into the cloud and thus obscuring TV mast. I thought the climb up there seemed a bit tougher.Anyway.
Turned right across the slabs onto Smithills Moor to loop back around past gilligants farm back to the mast rd.Boggy across the top. I buckled the back wheel of the GT on a blunt edged thingy.Just trued it . Dont worry.
Back UP mast Rd to take in Wilders Moor descent to Dog kennels for some Pole dancing.
Georges Ln back past the pike,bumped into my old school buddy Shaun.
Carried on past the Pidgeon Tower to do the Ice Cream Run.Probably didnt help the buckled wheel,but ,hey.
Cafe.Chocolate fudge cake and a pot of earl grey WITH a slice of lemon.
Back to the car.
Nice one.All in all a good ride.The weather was a bit off ,but once it cleared it was OK. The bottom line is ,you could've stopped in bed , but then you'd have missed it.
Reet .
* Five Star . Rain or shine.

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