Sunday, 7 September 2008


"Move in, now move out
Hands up, now hands down
Back up, back up
Tell me what you're gonna do now
Breath in, now breath out
Hands up, now hands down
Back up, back up
Tell me what you're gonna do now
Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'
Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'
Keep rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'
Uggh. " *

Good ride again today. The big gang of last week stayed in bed .Or something . Anyway , I picked Jeff up at 7.30 ,a right ungodly hour ,and we headed up for Rivington. Funny weather today. still a bit muggy ,definitely not cold. It was a good job I had decided to protect my jacket with a new squirt of waterproofing which guaranteed it wouldnt rain . Had I not done ,it definitely would have. It's a kind of magic.
We tootled up towards the Pike,Jeff ,being from geordieland set out wearing just a thong ,as it was I stashed my pacamac at the top of the first climb. Definitely muggy.

Usual dance up to the Pike ,but with the rain we had in the last few weeks some of the surface was washed away just to keep you on your toes.
Up top we bumped into Andy who we met about 6 weeks ago.After we'd had a good breather he decided to tag along with us ,although decided against the back drop off the pike. It was fairly washed out to. The usual tasty drops now quite a bit 'tastier' . It's how I like it . It's never the same hill week on week. I know it's 'only ' the pike ,but you dont quite get that at the perfectly buffed trail centres.

We turned left on the bridleway, past the Pike Cottage,pointing out the downhill behind. More of that later.
A bit further on we have the climb across Wilders Moor. New territory for Andy.Even more of a slog than last week ,which was more of a slog than the week before that. It's definitely getting wetter. Had a really good go at Humphreys Ditch . Nearly made it too. Literally spun out the back wheel just coming out the back . Grrr . There's always next week.

A short spin to the mast and we turn onto the slabs to loop around toward Smithills past Gilligants Farm. A good little bit, this. Seemingly inoccuous but not to be taken lightly. Slippy ruts run along the trail ,punctuated with boggy ,er ,bogs. Best taken with a bit of speed ,(" speed is your friend.". G.Woosey ),weight back ,and all that . Virgin territory for Andy again . Loving it. Luckily we all made it down in one piece with absolutely nothing at all even noteworthy worth mentioning at all.
Oh. I went over the bars. It was nothing.Not even a 'thing'.Haha.

Smithills/shooting hut bit

We turn past the farm ,regular bridleway stuff for a bit,taking us in a circuit back to the mast road. Up from here for the 'Dog Kennels'.
More wet stuff here.The bogs are getting boggy -er. Not a bad thing . Depends on your point of view.Another new one for Andy.Pretty standard stuff until you get to the last bit behind Pike Cottage we saw earlier. The drops above this seem a bit taller than usual,more evidence of the heavy rain. Just incase you havent noticed it over the last 6 weeks. What is going on ? it's not even funny anymore. Of course all the bees will be out in February and you'll be able to grow melons in Blackburn. And who doesnt like melons?

We all make it down the 'Dog Kennels ' in one piece. Options now from here. Loads .
We decide on the Ice Cream Run.Then the gardens . Then the Ice cream Run. Er.....Too many choices.
Ice Cream Run.
Good.Rocky (er).Wet (ish) . Dancing walkers ( I was 'choosing' my line). Point and squirt on the Meta.

Ice Cream Run bit.

At the bottom we split up . Andy's heading back to the car. Jeff and I are off to the caff. We've not done miles and miles,but we've earned a brew,I'm sure.
Earl Grey for me ,normal working class tea for Jeff,big slice o' choc fudge cake,each.
Next week then?

*Limp Bizkit. Rollin' . Not even worth a mention. Not even a 'thing'.In up to the front hub. Wallop.And tuck .And roll.Haha.

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