Wednesday, 28 May 2008


Today we decided to go on a bike ride. We left home and we went on our normal bike ride.I pedalled near the field,past the farm and on a bridge over the motorway,then we went on a fast hill,next we went up a hill,we went down another hill,it was very fast I had to use my brakes. Then we went up suffers lane,it is a very big hill and we had to go up it.It felt tiring,I pedalled without any help from my daddy.I made it to the top without stopping for the very first time. "Victory ! "

We went across a road.We went round a tight corner.Then we went past Grandmas house.We went down some bumps.We went past lots of houses and we went quite fast.Finally we arrived home.When we arrived home we were very name is Amy. I am 6.


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  1. Go Amy go! By the time I get back to doing Thursday nights regularly, you'll probably be one of the gang ;)