Saturday, 5 April 2008


"Rang dang diggedy dang di-dang
Rang dang diggedy dang di-dang
Rang dang diggedy dang di-dang Diggedy dang di-dang diggedy dang di-dang...." *

I'd watched the weather ,heard the rumours ,but you dont believe it 'til you see it.Snow ,like milk ,is white and brilliaaaaaaaannt !It started as I was locking up for bed last night ,but you dont know how much to expect these days.Thanks to global warming ( which I cant wait to really kick in ,I'll save a fortune on the gas bill ),we dont really get snow like we did as kids.You know ,a good few days of snowing and freezing,followed by weeks of ,er ,winter.Nowadays we just have this amalgamation of the seasons ,peppered with odd mad days of crazy weather. Like when all the bees wake up in January.And then die.Of course the country grinds to a halt and everyone moans. Calm down. It'll be gone tomorrow.

We were hardly snowed in in the morning,just a heavy dusting,due to the ovens **.The Fisher's worked it's way to the front of the quiver these days.Time to give those crap tyres the test of tests. I'll find fault with them yet if it kills me.

I picked Jeff up and we headed up Rivi. Usual . Top barn Rd.0900.Looking for more snow.As we got to Horwich there was a bit more of a dusting to be seen on top of the hills.Didnt look too severe though. Bit of a swizz.

We parked at the usual spot on the barn rd,fairly bang on time,but we'd had a call off one of the lads saying he was going to be 10 mins late. No sweat, I used to have a car like that.

In the end 4 of us turned out.Andy,Rick ,Jeff and myself.It was a lovely clear morning,cold and bright.We wrapped up and set off.We did the now standard climb up through the gardens the dusting making for a picture postcard setting.A couple of icy-ish bits ,nothing major.It did look good though.I like that climb up to the pidgeon tower.It's a good warm up for the legs and lungs,not too severe and just the right length,snaking through the gardens .Just nice.

We got to the pidgeon tower and had a minute.Well ,we're warmed up now ,so we can.A good excuse to take some pix.A few out today.

It looks like there's more of the white stuff up here .There is a bit .I dont think we'll be ploughing into any 4' drifts though.We'll see. We're off to the Pike.Pike good.

Same standard climb as per.Again ,I like this climb. It's to do with the yin/yang of riding bikes.It's got the right amount of payment for the downhill off the back. I dunno ,I feel if I came down the front ,it'd owe me.

So we get to the top .We are not alone.A few walkers out ,sitting on the warm face of the pike and while we're up there a few more bikers show up .We take in the view,chat and chocolate. It's a great view today.Nice and clear.

A drop of the saddle and it's time to head down the first downhill of the day.Time to find fault with them tyres ( that are not conti's ) on the Fisher.It's looking a bit slippy,chance of ice,wet rock. Imagine my horror when once again they clean it.It must be me. There's no other explanation.Just to prove a point ,farther down the hill on the rutty bit I hook it up in a deep rut with no way out. "That'll teach em " I'm thinking as I dump into the embankement on my right.

Time for another test. We get down onto the bridleway past Pike Cottage and head over to Wilders Moor for the climb up to the mast rd.It's a slippy sticky muddy one today.A good test for any tyre.Ok ,hands up. Theyre not bad. They filled up a bit with gloop at times ,but soon cleaned quite well.They just need to be fatter for the big-hit downhills.We regroup on the road and head on to do the Pike Cottage ' Dog kennels ' run.It seemed a bit colder over here for a short while as the sun just popped behind some cloud.A bit more snow here too. Still not loads though.Not like picking your way through virgin powder.It's not the same with big clumps of grass sticking through.

It's another cracker of a DH here too. Some good wheel grabbing ruts,a few drop offs and a good finish to the cottage.

So we get down again to the bridleway and head back the way we came making a loop of sorts ,passing under the pike ,busy now , and onto the drop from the pidgeon tower. The Ice Cream Run.A classic end to a good ride. It seems to be rockier these days. The result of 4X4-ing.On the one hand it pisses me off ,but on the other we all piss somebody off. As long as it doesnt get that bad they tarmac it and put in speedbumps ,it's all good.In fact ,speedbumps,hmm....

A little bit more cheeky fun and we 're at the top barn,nail the little wallride and on to the car.
Buzzin'.Again. Who said it's no fun when you're coming down?

*White lines (dont do it).Grandmaster Flash.What does he know?
** It's a well documented scientifically proven factual that the climate of Wigan is a few degrees warmer than surrounding districts due to the ovens ***.

***For all the pies.

I dont actually like milk.Not much anyway.


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  1. Great ride. Amazing what a bit of snow can do. MORE!